Frank: Male Ornate Uromastyx

About Me

My name is Phillip Lietz. My primary goal in creating this website is to share my experiences in keeping and breeding desert reptiles. Reptiles have been a part of my life since I was a kid and it's now been almost 20 years of keeping and learning about these incredible animals. I have worked for a couple local exotics shops in the past and I have been fortunate enough to keep many different species of lizards, geckos and snakes. Dinosaurs are awesome. Lizards are awesome. The day I learned that reptiles can be kept as pets I was hooked.

Currently I work with the following species: 

Uromastyx princeps, Uromastyx thomasi, Uromastyx ornata, Uromastyx ocellata, Uromastyx yemenensis, Uromastyx philbyi, Sauromalus ater, Crotaphytus vestigium, Nephrurus amyae, Diplolaemus sexcinctus, Leiolepis guttata, Eublepharis fuscus, and Egernia stokesii.

Along with reptiles, I am an avid Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu practitioner/competitor. I am also a freelance illustrator and illustration instructor. If you're at all interested in seeing the Illustration work I make you can check out my portfolio site here: 

Thanks for visiting the blog, hopefully you find it interesting and potentially informative or encouraging!