Geckos and Eggs

Here are a few shots of the two species of Knobtail geckos that I keep. Nephrurus Amyae and Nephrurus Wheeleri Cinctus. My geckos came from a few different sources, and I hope to get more in the future. They have started breeding, and I have eggs from both species incubating. 

This is my first year working with these geckos and  I am fascinated by them. The Amyae have a very interesting raspy growl and push up style display they use when they are upset or startled. The wheeleri go through very dramatic color changes throughout the day. Some nights they are almost pure white and black banded but then go back to their normal pink and red during the day. The Amyae I have been feeding mostly dubia roaches and some super worms while the wheeleri seem to prefer crickets and super worms.