Color Change Based on Temperature or Mood

It's amazing to see how much a lizard's color can change with temperature and/or mood. It seems that every lizard I have ever kept, from the smallest gecko to the largest iguana or monitor, have a range of color that tends to change based on temperature, mood, and season.

I thought it would be interesting to post some example photos of just how much change can occur in one lizard throughout the course of an average day. 

Below are some picture examples: The pictures are of my male uromastyx thomasi, Borris. My male uromastyx ornata, Frank. And my male uromastyx flavofasciata, Bacon. The first picture of each is the more average color, mostly because of it being early in the day and they are still cold. The next picture or two is the color they show for between 1-3 hours a day due to them being more "fired up" from a lot of activity at optimum body temperature or showing some breeding behavior. Not quite as impressive as a panther chameleon, but dramatic none the less!