U. ornata Mating 2016!

Just yesterday, the U. thomasi mated. Today, the U. ornata copied them! This is exciting as I've spent a lot of time over the last couple years trying to find the right animals that are compatible. I hope that in 4-5 weeks time, the thomasi and ornate females will lay some good eggs! 

It can be interesting to watch the change in the behavior of the females as they get closer to being receptive. What I've seen is that the females start out totally unreceptive, often flipping over to show they are not ready. This is common place and is actually somewhat funny to watch. But then, as the females become more receptive, the males hold on for longer, and the females put up less and less of a fight, until they show almost no protest what so ever. Uromastyx are such intriguing pets!  

U. ornata mating 2016