Arizona Herp Trip 2016!

I recently spent a few days in Arizona to look for reptiles with my girlfriend. We had a really great time! This was also her first herp trip, so she was able to have a great first experience out in the field! 

The weather was slightly cooler than usual. The days were between 83F and 89F which is a little less than ideal, but thankfully there were still many reptiles out and about. Night temperatures were cold at fist, low 60s the first night with some rain, but warmed up to near 80F on our last night there. All told, we observed a wide range of awesome lizards: chuckwallas, collared lizards, desert iguanas, and zebra tailed lizards. We saw just one species of snake; spotted leaf nosed snakes. And we also saw several banded geckos. 

We drove over 800 miles total in the rental car, and we visited 3 national/regional parks. We didn't see as many snakes as we would have liked, perhaps we weren't looking hard enough or perhaps it was too cold for the snakes, but there's always next time! 

Here is an array of photographs from the trip. Thanks for looking!